Hello and thank you


A quick post to make sure my planet file works, and to test the hackgotchi runa just made.

I am starting a new project (more posts to follow), and would like to thank the following people for their help so far:
* ianweller
* ryanlerch
* mether
* G
* stickster
* quaid

and everyone in #fedora-docs and #fedora-admin on freenode.


8 Responses to Hello and thank you

  1. Rahul Sundaram says:

    You are welcome. Now get to work quick 😉

  2. Ian Weller says:

    Hey, no problem 😉

  3. It’s about time, too; Welcome!

  4. ryanlerch says:


    mdious has a blog!

    thanks for the linkage mate!

  5. I heard that mdious guy was famous on the internets !!

  6. runa says:

    um… is’nt it time for another post?

  7. We want more! We want more! 😛

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